Aerial Application

Our Vision.

We strive to provide professional services in the aerial application business. We plan to be one of the largest agriculture helicopter operators in this industry while continuing to provide the same great service that we have already been delivering, year after year. 

Our Solution.

Since April 2011, HSI has grown from the ground up.  Our first aircraft was the Robinson R44.  The R44 was a great  helicopter but we have since upgraded to the Bell Jetranger. The Jetranger is an absolute work horse and never fails to deliver.  Not only do we have one work horse but four total in the operation. Having four aircraft makes it possible to provide service to more than one customer at a time. 

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Our Services.

Simple, we stick to what we do best - aerial application.  

We are focused on doing the best job we can for you. We want our customers to be satisfied and able to trust us with their fields time after time. 

527 CR 3000 N Fisher Il 61843           Phone 217-552-8084